How about a retirement plan that works for everyone?

Retirement planning is one of the most important activities that an employee will undertake during their lifetime, and yet it is true that most will spend more time planning a family vacation than they will for their retirement.

A recent survey reveals that most employees are confused about how to effectively use their company 401K benefit, wondering how much to contribute and how to invest their funds for maximum returns.

Employers are equally confused as to what makes a retirement plan successful; one that employees will use and understand and yet provides reasonable benefits to them as company owners. The truth is that the retirement planning business has many moving parts and stakeholders with goals that are often mutually exclusive.

How about partnering with a company that provides a clear investment strategy for your employees, simplifies the efforts for your HR department and pays attention to the owners of the company to design a plan that provides them with the greatest possible benefits?

SL Pensions might be the right partner for you.